Thank you for taking the first step!

We're excited you've joined your fellow business owners and have signed up your business. There are a few next steps to ensure that you have all the support you need.

First, make sure to email your best copy of your logo and up to 3 photos to We will make sure to use your logo and photos in marketing your business and the fundraiser.

Second, make sure to share your participation on social media and with your email list. It's important that we spread the word so we can have even more people participating by stopping by your business on April 7th or donate directly.

Third, download and print out the poster on this page to put up in your location. By putting up the poster as soon as possible, you can give advance notice to your current customers that they should make sure to make an extra trip to come back on April 7th. We will be emailing you an updated poster by April 4th.




Dine Out For Somalia Poster

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